Show Your Support

Your love and support means the world to us, and to our child! We’re excited about growing our family, and hope you’ll welcome our baby with open arms when he or she finally arrives! In the meantime, we covet your words of encouragement and your prayers for us. But we also need your help financially, too!

The adoption process can be long and complicated, and expensive! It takes a lot of moving parts and skilled professionals to complete. It requires the involvement of attorneys, adoption agencies and social workers, physicians, government administrators and counselors. There’s also required training courses, background checks, home studies, travel costs, legal fees, and more!

We hope to raise more than $25,000 to help offset the cost of our adoption.

For the next stage of our adoption, we will need to pay off an additional $10,000, due upon completion of our home study, which will be happening VERY soon! Altogether, we hope to raise more than $25,000 to help offset the cost of our adoption. Any amount you would be willing to contribute toward reaching our goal would be greatly appreciated and have a lasting impact!

Some ways that you can contribute toward reaching our goal

  • “Buy” (or sponsor) 1 or more pieces from our Puzzle Fundraiser. Click here for more information about the fundraiser.
  • Purchase one of our T-Shirts through
  • Consider selling unwanted or unused items online or in a garage sale and donate the proceeds.
  • Consider donating an item or service that we can auction off online.
  • Donate online through GoFundMe, PayPal (@halladoption), or Venmo (@David_Rachael_Hall).
  • If you wish to send a donation to our agency on our behalf, or would prefer to mail us a personal check, please call us or email us at prior to doing so.

Please also share this site with others and encourage them to donate!

We are exploring additional ideas on how we might reach our goal for adoption. We also recognize that not everyone can give financially, and if that’s you, it’s ok. We believe that God will provide one way or another! However, if you have any other suggestions or ideas for fundraising or on how you’d like to be involved, please let us know!

Thank you for loving and supporting us! We look forward to sharing more with you all soon!

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